Yukata Contest

It is that time of year again!

In Japan, summer brings festivals and Bon Odori - but what Japanese summer is complete without donning a Yukata?

We at Otakon Matsuri are proud to once again bring you the Yukata Contest!  In our own Japanese Festival, we have a tradition of celebrating Japanese tradition with a contest that combines accuracy, personal flair, and presentation.  

Take a look at the rules below and bring your friends, family, and dress your best in your favorite, stylish, or unique Yukata and enjoy the Otakon Matsuri with us!  Show off your outfit, win prizes, and come enjoy the Matsuri with us!

Contest Rules:

  • Contest time and dates is Friday at 2pm.  
  • Sign up for the contest is Friday at the Otakon MatsuriI Room in the Marriott with the contest starting on Friday at 2 PM
  • There is no charge for entry.  Free!
  • Staff may Enter but is considered for "exhibition" and cannot receive major prizes.  But you are more than welcome to show off their outfit.
  • Each contestant will have 1 minute to come up on stage and show off their Yukata to the crowd and the Judges.  While the outfit will be checked before walking onstage, points and score may be given to how well the contestant presents themselves onstage.
  • The Judges will judge each Yukata based on Style(I.e. how close it resembles a traditional Yukata), Creativity(I.e. how unique/creative the design of the Yukata is) and Presentation(I.e. how the wearer shows off their Yukata)  Themes and personal style are enouraged.
  • There will be 6 winners for the contest; 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd Place and 3 Judges Choice.
  • The prizes will be received at the Matsuri.
  • All decisions related to the contest made by Otakon Staff are final.