Toshifumi Yoshida

Toshifumi Yoshida.jpg

Animation Producer

Toshi has spent more than half his life reading comic books and watching cartoons for a living. During those two-plus decades, he has worked on an anime magazine called ANIMAG, spent 12 years producing anime at Viz Media and 2 years as a producer at Bandai Entertainment. Of course, he’s also been translating manga along the while.

Toshi’s past credits include producing the English-language versions of “Ranma ½,” “Inuyasha,” “Kurokami: The Animation,” and “Gurren Lagann” as well as numerous amounts of manga translations such as “Negima!” for Del Rey, “Eureka Seven” for Bandai Entertainment, and “Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service” for Dark Horse. He is currently the Senior Producer for The Pokémon Company International overseeing the localization of Pokémon TV series and movies into English and 16+ languages across Europe and Latin America.

Toshi has been coming to Otakon since 1997 as a guest, industry professional and even as a staff interpreter and is, as always, happy to be back. He looks forward to hanging out again with everyone this year.

Lastly, Toshi swears that he had nothing to do with Ken Watanabe’s character being named Detective Yoshida in the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie from Legendary Pictures next year.