Soojin Kang

Soojin Kang - Ethan Kick.JPG

Voice Actor

We are excited to announce Soojin Kang will be joining us at Otakon 2018 as part of the talent behind Mystic Messenger! Fans of the game will know him as the voice of Ray! Kang is a veteran Korean voice actor who has voiced Disney’s Aladdin, Peter Pan, Mickey Mouse, and Agent Pleakley! He additionally, provided the voice for characters such as Inuyasha and Luffy all the way to Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic, Romeo and Juliet, Gangs of New York, and Catch me if you Can. You may even know him as the voice of everyone’s favorite Protoss leader Artanis! Otakorp is thankful to Cheritz co., ltd. for helping us bring out this talented performer.