Shoji Kawamori

Shoji Kawamori.jpg

Animation Director, Mech Designer

While still in college, he created and directed Super Dimensional Fortress MACROSS, which later adapted as Robotec outside Japan. Kawamori also designed the toy for Macross, Valkyrie (Veritech), the iconic transformable fighter with 3 modes (Batroid, Gerwalk and Fighter) which has since sold millions world-wide. Kawamori made his directorial debut at the age of 24 with Super Dimensional Fortress Macross – Do You Remember Love? working on all elements of the film, from concept and story composition to art direction.

He was also one of the designers of the Diaclone toy line, which later became known as the Transformers, including “Optimus Prime.” His creative participation includes Escaflowne, Gundam 0083, Ghost in the Shell, Armored Core, AIBO, Nissan Dualis, Thunderbird ARE GO and more.

His recent works includes Macross Delta the Movie and Pandora TV series.