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Art Show 2017 Winning Bidder List

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Hours of Operation

Location: Hall A

Operational Hours:

Day Open Close Note
Thursday  3 PM 8 PM Artist Registration ONLY, Must have a badge FIRST (Access and entrance TBD)
Friday 8 AM 1 PM Artist Registration ONLY
  1 PM 10 PM OPEN 
Bidder Registration Open
Artwork Registration will close at 9:30 PM, Artwork will no longer accepted after this time.
Saturday 10 AM 10 PM OPEN
Bidder Registration will close at 9:45 PM
Sunday 10 AM 2 PM Artwork Pick-up for Artist and Winning Bidders
  10 AM 2 PM Art Auction


  • ONLY artists and their agents may be present at Art Show during Artists Registration.
  • Both bidders and artists may register during open hours on Friday.
  • *Artwork registration will no longer be accepted after 9:30pm on Friday.
  • Bidder registration will close at 9:45 pm on Saturday.


Art Show Requirements & Recommendations

Please follow the link to the PDF version of the Requirements and Recommendations form for important guidelines and information.

Selected Highlights of the Art Show Recommendations

  • Rules and operations will be very familiar to members who joined us in past years.
  • You must be 18 years or older to register as an artist, or register with an authorized agent.
  • Artists must be present to register, or register with an agent who will be present.
  • Artwork is registered in lots of (up to) six for $30 per lot, as well as a 15% total commission from the artist. Buying artwork is subject to local sales tax.
  • It is important to read the entire forms. There are some helpful tips in there, too!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will there be an Art Show at Otakon 2018?
    • Yes! We’re excited about the new space, and look forward to seeing you again.
  • Has anything changed about Art Show in 2018?
    • We’re in Washington, D.C.! Other than that, it’s the same Art Show you are familiar with. We always strive to respond to feedback and improve each year. If you have feedback for us, use the contact form to let us know.
  • I'm an artist. When and how will I receive payment for my art that was sold at Otakon?
    • First off, congratulations! We tally everything up at the conclusion of the convention, and take few weeks to resolve any pending issues as well as review for any discrepancies. We produce invoices and target sending you a check by mail 6-8 weeks after the convention.
    • We use the address and name you put on your registration form to issue the check, so please ensure that's correct. Use the contact form after the con in case you have any questions or updates for us.
  • How can I ask questions about the Art Show or Otakon?
    • For Art Show questions, please use the contact form (linked below), or post on the BBS. The contact form is great for feedback from our staff, and the BBS can be great for feedback from other members.


Art Show Forms

PLEASE read through the forms before you fill them out. They look very similar to the old forms but there are slightly different; for example, prices have changed. 

WHEN PRINTING FORMS: Make sure you print the Artwork form as ACTUAL size, do not shrink the form. The boxes on the form with the artwork number are sized according to the label. If you shrink the form the label will not fit and then you'll have to fill out a new form.

You dont need last years Art Show forms anymore.  The new forms for Otakon 2018 will be released once they are ready for another great year.

Contact Information:

Maxwell Bloch, Art Show Co-Department Head

Chris Jennings, Art Show Co-Department Head

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