Featured Workshop Presenters

Bumble and Clove

Taking flight for their fourth consecutive Otakon as workshop presenters, Bumble and Clove - comprised of convention veterans Angela Lee, Jeff Lee, and Kim Leong - return to bring you engaging and lighthearted programming (while keeping the skies sunny and clear)!

Since their Otakon 2014 debut, their Build-a-Bozu Workshop! has kept raindrops away each year (no joke!) while representing their core mission: to provide a welcoming, open-ended space in which people can create freely and enjoy art for art's sake. With academic degrees in teaching and marketing, as well as a deep-seated interest in Japanese culture and crafting, Bumble and Clove have been teaching workshops along the East coast since 2012 and absolutely love getting to inspire a creative spark in attendees year after year. As Build-a-Bozu returns, along with the debut of their new workshop Kamishibai and the Art of Storytelling, Bumble and Clove are a-buzz with excitement and hope you'll join them for a relaxing time - and possibly even more bee puns!


Capes2Cowls is comprised of Gretchen (Comix Costumer), Emma (M Mischief Cosplay) and Trevor Swann. They founded Capes2Cowls to promote and mentor costume design and sewing skills to the beginning and amateur cosplay community. The have a deep commitment to fostering creativity and craftsmanship in costuming and props.

Gretchen has been designing and making costumes for over 30 years and helped foster a love of sewing craftsmanship and all things geek in her daughter Emma. Emma who focused on costuming in college met Trevor who has always loved crafting and fabrication. They continue to test new and innovative techniques while embracing tried and true methods in the pursuit of better cosplay.

Capes2Cowls is proud to be returning to Otakon this year to present three workshops which present skills ranging from elementary to intermediate. Sewing Geeky Pattern Weights, Sewing for Cosplay 101 and our newest workshop The Physics of Cosplay.


Shoestring Scientists

Shoestring Scientists made their presentation debut in 2012 with their first workshop, Steampunk 203: A DIY Workshop, where attendees built their own ray guns from spare parts, and their first panel, Steampunk 201: Steampunk in Anime.  Since then, this group of intrepid (and slightly mad) creatives have put on numerous panels and workshops to packed-out rooms at nearly a dozen conventions. Shoestring Scientists are excited to bring their classic workshops (and a few new ones!) to Washington D.C., in Otakon's first convention in the U.S. capitol. Look for them in the schedule, and for the first time, in the dealer's room!