Panels List

Below is a preliminary list of the approved panels for Otakon 2017.  18+ panels are in red.

The online schedule will be available soon, as will the Guidebook app.  The online schedule and Guidebook will have full descriptions as well as dates, times and locations.

20 Years of One Piece

3D printing and you: additive manufacturing and its uses in cosplay

A Beginner's Guide to Gunpla  LIVE!

ABJD 103: The Care of Your Asian Ball Jointed Doll

Aliens  Boxing  and Curses:The world of Rumiko Takahashi

American Comics for Manga Fans

An Inherited War: Child Soldiers in the Gundam Universe

Anime Boobies: Physics vs Phuckery: A scientific excuse to watch breasts. 18 +

Anime Foodies: Countryside Cooking

Anime Mythology: The Third Impact

Anime/Manga Studies - What  Why  Where  How!

Anime's Craziest Deaths 18 +

Avoiding Cosplay Rescue: Cosplay That Follows the Laws of Physics

Awesome Women Making Anime!

Beyond the Tentacle: Land of the Rising...Um... 18 +

Beyond Your True Mind: 25 Years of Megaten

Black Jack and Bodies: How "The Father of Manga" Kept Body  Illness  and Health Central to Manga

Blood  Bishies and Butts! A Guide to Explicit Visual Novels! 18 +

Boku no Pornorama III: Vanilla's Not Enough 18 +

Break the World's Shell: Apocalypse and Anime

Bubblegum Crisis: 30th Anniversary

But That’s NOT Anime!

Choose You Champion! An Introduction to Materials for Cosplay Crafting 18 +

Complex Motives: The Zero Escape Triology

Cool Japan: The Panel

Cosplay Electronics: Motion

Cosplay in Japan 101

Cosplay Melee Cast: Cosplay In the Mainstream Media

Cross-Culture Drama: Pan-Asian Adaptations of Japanese Manga

Developers vs Hackers: A History of Game Security

Digi Tri Again: A Digimon Tri Panel

DPRKartoon: Anime from North Korea

Drawing Diversity

East Asian Auto Racing in 2017

Edo Era Anime 18 +

Engineering 'Sexy' Cosplays 18 +

Evangelion's Ryohji Kaji  International Man of Mystery

Everything is a metaphor (and the metaphor is really naughty) 18 +

Evolution of Moe

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Fight Them

Fate Universe: I Am the bone of My Panel…

Film Smash Presents: Espionage in Asian Film

Film Smash Presents: Full Moon Cut: Swordplay in Asian Film 18 +

Fire Emblem: Genealogy of a Strategy Game

Firearms & Anime

From Cosplayer to Character Entertainer!

From Under The Bed: Shocking Horror in Anime and Manga 18 +

Fullmetal Alchemy: The Real-World Alchemical Tradition and FMA

GAINAX's hall of dreams and toxic resin dust

Gattai! Mecha Anime of Yesteryear

Gentle And Not So Gentle Arts: Martial Art  Combat Sports And Japanese Culture

Goddesses and Totoros: Building Mystery and Magic in Ghibli Films

Grace v. Glamour: The Duality of Sailor Moon

Great Anime Openings and Closings Part 2 18 +

Gundams and Demons

Gunpla is Freedom!

Haiku and Beyond  an Exploration of Japanese Poetry

Heinous Villains in Anime 18 +

Henshin Heroes 2: On Steel Horses They Ride

Hentai Recommendations For Your Satisfaption (Non-Tentacles/Hard-core) 18 +

I  Cyborg: A study on the parallels between fictional and nonfictional cybernetics

IDOLS Unhinged! 18 +

Intro to Japanese Mahjong

Intro to Josei

It's Showtime! A Tokyo Mew Mew Panel

Iyashikei: Animated Healing

Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET) Info Panel

Japan Exclusive No More: A Guide to Proxy Online Shopping

Japan in Your Backyard: What Are the Japan-America Societies?

Japanese Car Culture  Anime  And the Art of the Drift

Japanese Heraldry – The Evolution of the Mon

Japanese Mythology in Anime and Games 101

J-Pop Idols of the 80's

Just Say It Already!

Kanpai!: Serving Up Your Favorite Anime Drinks 18 +

K-Drama Specials and Live Action Favorites

Keybladers Unite! A celebration into Kingdom Hearts

Lets Dub A Hentai! 18 +

Lipstick and Superpowers: The Femininity of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Live and Study in Japan by Go! Go! Nihon

Live-Action Anime Adaptations That Got It Right

Love/Sick: The History of Hentai 18 +

Lovecraftian Horror in Anime and Manga

Mecha: Or how I learned to worship the Gundam


Merchandise Beyond the Pale: The Craziest Anime Merchandise on the Market! 18 +

Modding Your Own Dolls

Moon Prism Power  Make Up! Cosplay Makeup Techniques

Must Love Doggo: Dogs in Anime  Manga  and Video Games

My  What Long Lineages You Have! The Oddly Stagnant Histories in Fantasy Literature and Anime

Nautical Nonsense: A look into Japanese Naval History and the Anime It Spawned

New Anime for Older Fans

Nintendo Nightmares: Creepy and Spine-Chilling Nintendo Theories  Secrets  and Urban Legends


OC ReMix: Video Game Music Evangelists!

Oh for the Love of Folklore: A Fan perspective on Rumiko Takahashi’s work.

Otakorp and You: The Bylaws

Over the Rainbow: Bringing Awareness Through Anime 18 +

Persona!!! Understanding Demons and where they Come from. 18 +

Plant Turnips Get Money: History of Harvest Moon

Prop Mold Making and Casting 101: A Beginner's Guide to RESINating with your Cosplay

Propmaking: Matching the Right Material to the Right Project

Romance and Abuse in Shoujo Manga

Sake 101

Samurai Mythconceptions: Learn the Truths of the Legendary Japanese Warrior

Sewing with Japanese Patterns

Shojo You Should Know

Skin Deep: Diversity in Japanese Pop-Culture

Spies In Anime

Spiralling Back: Gurren Lagann 10 Years Later

Sports Anime: A History

Starting New Japan Pro Wrestling in 2017

Steven Universe: A Closer Look

Strange Desires: The Real Influence of BDSM and Bondage on Hentai 18 +

Superheroes and Subversion: The Comedy of One-Punch man

Tales of Tales!

Teaching with Anime

That's Gay! Anime and Manga for the LGBT Audience

The Beautiful Backgrounds of Anime

The biology of Dragons and monster girls

The Chrysanthemum and the Cross: Christianity in Japan

The Colorful History of Yaoi 18 +

The Equestrian Candidate: MLP Conspiracy Theories

The First Mecha: From Postwar Japan to Mobile Suit Gundam

The Grind Never Stops: The Student Athletes' Take on Sports Anime

The History of Magical Girls

The Life & Works of Satoshi Kon

The Real Ninja: History vs. The Media

The Rise of CG Anime

The Rose of Versailles: Lady Oscar  Her Life  and Legacy

The Science Behind Pokemon

Thirty Years Ago: Anime in 1987

This is Otakudom: Fandom History and the American Otaku

Thrill of the Frills: Introduction to Japanese Lolita Fashion

Through Another Lens - Subtext  Text  and Fanon - Japanese  American  and LGBT+ Perspectives

To the Moon and Back: A Crazy Journey Through the Sailor Moon Universe

Top 10 Anime Betrayals 18 +

Transhumanism in Anime  or how I learned to stop worrying and love my new robot body

Uncle Yo: Custer's Last Stand-Up Comedy for Geeks

Up to Ju-ichi: Rock Bands in Anime

Voice Acting 102: Getting Started

Whadda You Know Mullet!: A Voltron Panel.

What Anime is This?  Touhou Project 2017

What's a Newtype? A Brief History of Mecha Anime

When Hentai Goes Bad 18 +

When Moe goes Bad

When Subtitles Go Wrong

Where Magic Begins! A Disney Cosplay Panel

Why Japan Laughs at Zombies 18 +

Wig Styling 101

Yokai Nation

You’re Wrong & You Should Feel Bad!™ 18 +

Yuri and all those other guys: Russian and Russians in Anime

Yuri On Ice: Why it Breaks The Yaoi Mold