Featured Panelists

Aaron Clark

Aaron, who goes by “The Eva Monkey” online, has been operating his Evangelion fansite, EvaMonkey.com, for close to 15 years. Deeply involved in the fandom for Evangelion, he’s been a fixture of numerous fansites and discussion forums, and has co-founded EvaGeeks.org, and serves as a moderator of the Evangelion subreddit at Reddit.com/r/evangelion.  Recently, he’s been making videos sporadically on his YouTube channel at YouTube.com/EvaMonkey.

Aaron has contributed commentary as a guest on numerous podcasts, and as an occasional contributor to Otaku USA magazine. For more than a decade, Aaron has presented dozens of panels at fan conventions all over the Mid-Atlantic and beyond. In particular, he has been a panelist for Otakon every year since 2003. His panels are often on the subject of Evangelion, but also pertain to his other interests, such as video games, fuse beads, new media, and more.



Viga is a youtuber, panelist, professional fangirl, and anime junkie. From 2008 to present, she’s been presenting panels about new and old shows, creators, or manga. Occasionally, she hosts game shows and leads workshops. She is the host of The Idols of Anime and Viga Loves Comics on YouTube.


Charles Dunbar

It's a new day, yes it is. And a new city. And new experiences. But Charles is still the same fan he always was- a fan of many, many things, of which anime occupies a rather large sphere- and after nearly a decade of Otakon travel, he's still coming back. Because he loves fans. He loves conventions. And there's just something about Otakon that cannot be denied. He felt it back in 2009, and it's never gone away, so even as the journey moves the convention to DC, he knows that it will only get better. Feel free to follow him on Facebook.com/StudyofAnime, or check out his new YouTube channel, Tengu Talks, where he is trying his best to adapt years of convention panels into bite-sized video nuggets. As usual, questions, comments, and homemade soup are always appreciated.