Fan Produced Videos


Call For Submissions

OTAKON is accepting fan-made films to screen at OTAKON 2017. Anything from parody commercials, trailers, and shorts to original animation, live-action short films or full-blown fan dubs.

Don't wait! Finish that project you've been working on or pound out a new one. Watching Fan-Produced Films in a room with thousands of other otaku is an experience that just can't be duplicated online, and is an essential part of the con-going experience.

Otakon 2017 Fan-Produced Video Screenings

OTAKON 2017 (August 11-13th in Washington DC) will present screenings of fan-produced video productions at the convention.

Depending on the volume of submissions and time constraints, some submissions may not be screened at OTAKON 2017. Since these will just be screenings — not a competition — there will be no prizes given or awards presented.

Get the Fan-Produced Videos Submission Form

Submission Guidelines

(Version 2017.02.09. Submission Guidelines are subject to change at any time.) 

Send in Your Submission

  • All submissions must be made by mail or online. If by mail, send to the address listed below. We accept submissions on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM computer discs only. Tape media such as VHS, S-VHS, MINI-DV, etc. are no longer supported. See below for online submission instructions.
c/o Scott A Melzer
36 Robin Road
Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852-3344

(If mailing from outside the U.S. add "United States" or "United States of America" at the bottom of the mailing address.)

All submissions must be received by Friday, July 28th, 2017. OTAKON (or its parent company, Otakorp, Inc.) is not responsible for submissions that have been lost in the mail, or otherwise delayed for any reason.
  • Include your e-mail address on the submission form so we can let you know when we receive your submission and if there are any problems.
  • If you overnight your submission, please send it "No Signature Necessary" so it can be left. I'm never at home at the times necessary to sign for packages. Your package will likely be returned to you by the post office.

Labeling Your Disc

  • Label your submission disc(s) with (at the very least) your REAL name, mailing address, and telephone number.
  • Use a Sharpie® marker (or similar) to write on the top side of the disc instead of putting an adhesive label on it. If you need to use multiple discs, don't forget to mark each one with your identifying information.

Number of Submissions

  • There is no limit to the number of fan-produced videos that may be submitted. Each video submitted must be accompanied by a completed and signed printout of the submission form.

Submitting Files

  • Main Points:
    Media: CD-ROM or DVD-ROM or direct upload. Please contact us if you wish to upload.
    File: Data files only (No playable DVDs)
    CoDec: H.264 (MP4), Max Bitrate 12 Mbps
    Max Resolution: Width: 1920, Height: 1080
    Aspect Ratio: Any
    Framerate: Any, progressive or interlaced
    Audio: Any but prefer AAC, Stereo, Max Bitrate 320kpbs, 48,000 Hz

    These settings are preferred and designed to avoid playback issues on our equipment. If you send us something else we will do our best to convert your file but this can cause technical issues. Please use the preferred format if possible.

  • Details:
    • We accept submissions on CD-R/CD+R/RW or DVD-R/DVD+R/RW discs (no Blu-Ray) or data files over the internet.
    • Contact us via e-mail before sending in any submissions. Our new media server can handle a wide variety of video and codecs, but please check with us to confirm if your file format is supported. We will be glad to work with you to resolve any technical issues, but if you do not and we can not play your file, it will be rejected. Playable DVDs are NOT supported.
    • Send us the highest quality version of your film possible. The films are shown on a 25 foot screen and played on 12 foot tall speakers. Low quality looks terrible and may be rejected. All aspect ratios, resolutions and frame rates are supported (including HD) so send us your best.
    • If a file is too large to fit on a single media disc — such as a 1.2 GB AVI file on a 700 MB CD-R — you may span it across multiple discs. Use ZIP (WinZip), or other file compression utility application to break the file into manageable parts and burn those to the discs, clearly labeling each of them as part of a set: "Disc 1 of 3", "Disc 2 of 3" etc.
    • If we are unable to read your disc or video file for any reason we will attempt to contact you (first via email, and later via phone as a last resort) in order to obtain another copy of your submission.
    • If you would like to include an uncompressed AVI along with the encoded MPEG version, that is sometimes helpful in resolving technical issues.
    • In addition to the paper version of your submission form, include a plain text file named README.TXT on each CD-R or DVD-R with the same information as your paper submission form, along with any technical information we'll need to know to successfully convert and play your video file.
    • Submission media (the discs and files) become the property of Otakorp, Inc. and cannot be returned.

Submitting Online

  • We are now accepting online submissions. Please e-mail the coordinator, Scott Melzer (address below) to arrange a file transfer as Otakon presently has no dedicated server or bandwidth to handle large file transfers.

Filling Out The Submission Form

  • All video submissions, mailed in or via internet, must be accompanied by a signed copy of the submission form.
  • Anonymous submissions, or submissions without a real name, cannot be accepted.
  • Your video submission must be your own work and no one else's. You must identify the title or titles of any anime footage used. If you know the original Japanese title of the anime used, you may include it on the form along with the English name.
  • You must fill out and sign the part where you give OTAKORP INC. permission to use your video at OTAKON. If you don't give us permission, then we'll have to skip over your submission. Really.
  • When you submit your video on disc remember to include the README.TXT file mentioned above. This will ensure you receive proper credit and that we can contact you with any problems.

Form of Productions

Acceptable Types of Fan-Productions

  • Pretty much anything is submit-able via this method: fan-parodies, original animations, re-edited movie trailers, live action film projects. It just has to have some obvious connection with anime/manga, fandom of anime/manga, or East Asian culture.

Length of Submissions

  • There is no lower time limit, and no upper time limit. That having been said, be aware that the time we have at the convention to screen fan-produced material is very limited. We can only show a handful of longer submissions and we've learned from painful experience that short and to-the-point goes over much better with the audience than something longer and more drawn out.
  • I guess what we're saying here is not to make your project any longer than it absolutely has to be. Don't make it 20 minutes long if you can get your point across in 10 minutes. Don't make it 10 minutes long if it can be done in 5 minutes. If it's a big hit, you can make it longer for the next con you send it to.

Age of Submissions

  • No upper or lower age limit. We love classics and new stuff equally.

Repeat Submissions

  • If we get good feedback on your fan-parody, we'll be more than happy to show it again next year, and even accept an improved version of it for repeat showings at future cons.

Objectionable Content

  • The screenings at Otakon are all ages, so we can not show obviously adult films. Some profanity or adult themes is okay as we will post a warning before the screening, but nudity, excessive violence and profanity, or heavy adult themes can't be shown in the main screening. If we receive several adult submissions, we will attempt to have an "adult" screening at a different time.


  • We reserve the right to reject any video for any reason.
  • For further information you may e-mail the coordinator, Scott Melzer, at "smelzer aht otakon dawt org" (replace aht with "@", and replace dawt with ".").
  • Please be patient awaiting a reply to your important e-mails. If you do not receive a reply right away, the e-mail gremlins probably ate it so feel free to send another.